Mr. Matsudaira is the Chairman of PRIDE Japan, Inc. (PJI). He has represented M&JB and "PRIDE" products in the Orient since 1975. As such, he has over thirty years of extensive experience in management consulting and IS professional training. His customers include industry leaders in the automotive, banking, insurance, steel and engineering industries.

    Kazuya is an accomplished writer and speaker. He is often quoted in the Japanese press for his observations on trends in Information Technology. He has also lectured at universities and trade related associations in both Japan and other Asian countries. Click for his INTERVIEW.

    Mr. Matsudaira holds an MBA degree from Keio University in Tokyo, and a Doctoral degree in Informatics from Shizuoka University.

    He is a key member of the Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association (JISA) and is an active member of the Japan Information System Academic Association. He is also a special advisor to the Governmental IT Committee.

    Industry standards have always been important to Kazuya and, as such, he has represented Japan in various ISO functions.

    Kazuya Matsudaira can be contacted at:

    PRIDE Japan, Inc. (PJI)
    E-207,27-1,1-chyome, Azamino, Aoba-ku
    Yokohama, Kanagawa 225-0011
    Tel/Fax: 81-45-901-7053
    E-Mail: mtdr@pji.co.jp


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