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A Comprehensive Survival Guide for Adulthood


The perfect graduation, birthday or holiday present for your graduate.

by Tim Bryce
Published by: MBA PRESS (M. Bryce & Associates)
Copyright © 2007 by Tim Bryce
ISBN: 978-0-9786182-5-4

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    We've got some very bright and ambitious young people joining the work force now but they are coming at a very different time in the business world. Thanks to technology, we now live and work in a much faster paced society than what I joined just three short decades ago. It is also a much more competitive environment due to changing economic conditions. True, the Greatest Generation has basically moved along, but the Baby Boomers are still firmly in place and are not inclined to retire any time soon. This means the class of 2007 will be competing not only with people in their 20's, 30's and 40's, but also with people in their 50's and 60's who cannot afford to retire. (read more)



    The book is a handy survival guide for young adults entering the work force and is written by Tim Bryce, a seasoned management consultant with over 30 years of experience. Mr. Bryce has consulted with some of the largest corporations in the world, as well as many small and medium sized businesses. Be sure to check out The Bryce is Right!, a collection of Tim's writings.

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    This book is universally applicable to anyone entering the work force for the first time. Although the original intent was to write this for college graduates, it is equally applicable for anyone starting off in life, be it someone entering the work force straight out of high school, an immigrant starting his/her life in this country, or someone leaving the military and entering the work force.

    Corporate Human Resource departments will also find this book useful for setting new hires on the right track in their career. The lessons included will expedite the adaptation to the corporate culture and thereby make the new employee more productive, more rapidly. It not only reenforces the many formal rules as contained in corporate policy manuals, but also includes the subtle unwritten rules we must all observe while working with others.

    Book Review by Bonnie Wooding
    President-elect, Toronto Chapter IAAP
    November 26, 2007

    I have just finished reading this handy guide and recommend it for anyone leaving school and starting their first job.

    I only wish I had this guide when I first started out. It certainly would have saved me countless hours in aggravation (and I could have avoided more than a couple of stupid goofs.) Oh well, nothing like 20/20 hindsight !!

    Much of the advice is pretty rudimentary and I must admit, on my first read through, I dismissed much of it as too simplistic. So I gave it the “test” – I loaned it to my nephew, who is 21. He kept it. Won’t give it back.

    It is very difficult to remember what I did not know at 18. I did keep a journal but is it spotty on the practical stuff – somehow my budgeting habits at 20 did not make the cut. But I do remember many frantic calls to Mom, looking for $100 to make my rent.

    Chapter 1 should be mandatory for all Grade 12 students. With this in their back pocket, they have a much better chance at succeeding in their first year at university or their first year on the job. The section on Managing your Finances and Seeking Advice/Help is absolutely right on the money.

    I am President-elect of the Toronto Chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP). Many of our members are just starting their careers and I will be recommending that they read this book, especially Chapter 3, Professional Development - a primer for business skills and filled with basic common sense advice that is simple, easy to follow and extraordinarily practical; and Chapter 5, Do’s and Don’ts of the Workplace, an excellent resource for those questions you are too embarrassed to ask for fear of looking foolish.

    Finally, “Bryce’s Laws & Quotes,” found in the Appendix are alone worth the price of the book. I photocopied these and have them pinned to my cubicle. Read this book yourself – give it to your kids – recommend it to your friends. It is practical, quick to read and easy to remember.

    Now if I could just get my copy back from my nephew …

    The Miami Hurricane

    "the abundance of information the book provides is a good start for anyone about to take the first step into the real world. Though the concept of adulthood may seem intimidating, it's comforting to know that someone has at least written a guidebook for it."

    Bill Petrey

    "This must be one of the best jobs of writing that I have ever reviewed. You have done a fantastic job on this book and handled a rather difficult subject very well. Every young person entering the workplace for the first time should be given a copy of this book. This book is a Bible to guide young people through one of the most difficult and important times in their life. As a matter of fact, this book should be passed out to every young person at graduation. You should be very proud of your work."

    The book is excellent for college Career Service personel and for Career Day programs.


    Title: MORPHING INTO THE REAL WORLD - A Handbook for Entering the Work Force
    Format: Book
    Edition: 1 (published July 2007)
    ISBN: 978-0-9786182-5-4
    Copyright: 2007
    Pages: 208 Pages - with Foreword and Introduction.
    Price: $25.00 (US)
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    "Basic Business Skills Required"
    "Continuous Improvement"
    "Creating a Sense of Professionalism"
    "Personality Types"
    "Common Courtesy"
    "Company Parties"
    "Tact & Diplomacy"
    "Do's and Don'ts in the Workplace (Part I)"
    "Do's and Don'ts in the Workplace (Part II)"
    "Do's and Don'ts in the Workplace (Part III)"
    "Do's and Don'ts in the Workplace (Part IV)"
    "Management 101 (Part I)"
    "Management 101 (Part II)"
    "Management 101 (Part III)"
    "Living in a Perfect World"

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    Contents include:

    About the Author
    Chapter 1 - Shapeth Up and Geteth Thine Act Together
    Chapter 2 - Adapting to the Corporate Culture
    Chapter 3 - Professional Development
    Chapter 4 - Social Skills
    Chapter 5 - Do's and Don'ts in the Workplace
    Chapter 6 - Management 101
    Chapter 7 - Conclusion
    Appendix - Bryce's Laws & Quotes

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