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    HOW ARE YOUR MANAGEMENT SKILLS? Find out by using this free service which provides a fair and impartial analysis of your people management skills based on the questionnaire below. This service provides an analysis of:

    • Your Leadership Skills.
    • Your Style of Management.
    • Your Corporate Culture and environmental considerations.
    • Your ability to deliver quality work products.

    The analysis produced is based on many years of practical management experience in the field. Although the computer provides tremendous assistance in formulating the response, each application is personally reviewed by a human.

    Although this is primarily intended for businesses, it is also applicable for government and nonprofit organizations (anyone who has to manage a group of people). This service is intended to provide an analysis of your own personal management skills, not someone else.

    If you want an honest analysis, you'll need to submit honest answers ("garbage in - garbage out"). Based on your input, we will interpret your answers and e-mail an analysis to you directly. Your answers will remain confidential and your e-mail address will not be redistributed or sold.

    There are 30 questions to be answered. Please try to restrict your answers to your immediate group (the group you administer, not the whole company). Please allow up to one business day to respond to your input.

    The analysis produced by this service is an opinion only and is to be treated as such. In no event will MBA or M&JB be liable for any possible damages resulting from the analysis.

    If you have any questions or have problems processing this form, please do not hesitate to contact us at:



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When completed, press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of this form.


01 - Rate the overall INTELLIGENCE level of your workers:
02 - How CLEAN AND TIDY is your area of operation?
03 - How well informed are your workers regarding your PRIORITIES?
04 - Rate the MOTIVATION of workers:
05 - What is the overall physical APPEARANCE of the workers?
06 - What is your level of knowledge regarding the BUSINESS?
07 - Rate the JUDGMENT of your workers:
08 - What is the state of the EQUIPMENT used by the workers?
09 - How ACCESSIBLE are you to your workers?
10 - What is the level of TRUST between you and your workers?
11 - Rate your workers' ability to implement CHANGE:
12 - How much of your department's time is spent CORRECTING PROBLEMS?
13 - How much time do you spend SUPERVISING your workers?
14 - Rate the spirit of COOPERATION among your workers:
15 - What is the typical EFFECTIVENESS RATE of your workers?
(The amount of Direct time spent on work assignments versus Indirect time spent on interferences)
16 - How much FREEDOM do you allow your workers?
17 - How much office/work related POLITICS is involved with your department?
18 - What is the overall LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE of your workers to perform their assignments?
19 - How much IMAGINATION/CREATIVITY do your workers exhibit?
20 - Rate the level of COMMUNICATIONS in your department:
21 - Rate your workers' adherence to STANDARDS:
22 - How many ERRORS/MISTAKES do your workers make in their work?
23 - Rate the overall level of ETHICS in your organization:
24 - What is typically the QUANTITY OF WORK produced by your workers?
25 - On the average, how long have your workers been EMPLOYED with your company?
26 - Rate the level of professional COURTESY in your organization:
27 - What is the level of SATISFACTION with your organization by your customers or boss?
28 - How DEPENDABLE/RESPONSIBLE are your workers?
29 - How many CLIQUES do you have in your organization?
30 - Rate the level of DELIVERY for work products from your department:

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Please review your answers carefully before pressing Send.

Thank you for your input.

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