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The Lighter Side of


by Tim Bryce
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August 2011

The perfect present.

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by Tim Bryce
Published by: MBA PRESS (M. Bryce & Associates)
Copyright © 2011 by Tim Bryce
ISBN-13: 978-0-9786182-7-8
ISBN: 0-9786182-7-0


    Well known for his essays and editorials on management and technology, author Tim Bryce has written a new book entitled, "The Lighter Side of THE BRYCE IS RIGHT!," which includes his most lighthearted and humorous articles regarding life in the 21st century.


    During my professional career I have written over 1,000 articles on a variety of subjects, primarily serious pieces pertaining to management, systems, and technology, but I have also discussed such things as religion, politics, sports, social issues, and our changing world. Initially my intent was to educate as opposed to editorialize, but this changed in recent times when I introduced my daily blog and podcast entitled "The Bryce is Right!" The new venue provided the opportunity for me to discuss more lighthearted subjects, such as baseball, fishing, shopping, automobiles, etc. In this vein I wanted to make some observations about topics we tend to overlook. Every now and then you come across an interesting aspect of life right in front of you, yet due to the hustle and bustle of the day it is invisible to many of us. This is why I began to write lighter fare on Fridays so people can slow down and think about things they normally take for granted. These essays, therefore, are much less controversial than many others I have written. Instead, they are intended to let the reader stop and smell the roses. They were written as part of my "The Bryce is Right!" series from 2007 to 2011. I hope you will enjoy them.

    All of my articles are intended to stimulate thought and engage discussion. However, I have found the essays included herein tend to cause people to conjure up images we have either forgotten or overlooked. Consequently, I find lecturing on these subjects to be more personally rewarding than my more serious fare.

    - Tim Bryce

    "Another great job in writing this book. I enjoyed reading it very much. You do a great job in writing my friend."

    - Bill Petrey
    Dayville, CT

    "It is a well written anthology that I would compare to the writings of Will Rogers, Paul Harvey and a touch of Charles Karault, i.e., A touch of life as The Bryce sees it! It brought back touches of life as we run through it helter skelter. I think we all could jot down pieces of our life as you have and leave a legacy for our friends and family. Well done and thank you."

    - Leon B. Randall
    Holley, NY


    Title: The Lighter Side of THE BRYCE IS RIGHT!
    Format: eBook (PDF) - requires use of the popular Adobe Reader
    Type: Essays
    Edition: 1 (published August 2011)
    Type: Suitable for adults.
    ISBN: 0-9786182-7-0
    ISBN-13: 978-0-9786182-7-8
    Copyright: 2011
    Pages: 140 Pages - with Introduction.
    Price: $11.00 (US)
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    Contents include:

    About the Author
    Absence of Electronics, The
    Alaska - our 49th on their 50th
    Alpine Inn, The
    An 86 Year Old Book Review
    Assholemeter, The
    Baseball: The Love of the Game
    Baseball Cards
    Being Sick
    Checking out the Checkout
    Chili Recipes
    Cigars 101 - It's Personal
    Cleaning my Sock Drawer
    Death of Romance, The
    Dog Stories
    Dog Treats
    Easter Island Statues
    Explaining Jack Benny
    Fathers Eat Heels
    Finding Jesus
    Five Word Conversation, The
    Fly Fishing at St. Timothy's
    Flying Stiff, The
    A Graduation Toast
    Having a Bad Day
    Imagery of Profanity, The
    Is the Grass always Greener?
    June-National Accordian Awareness Month
    Keeping Men Guessing
    Marking Time
    Mega Food Stores
    Mothers and Fathers Day
    My Three 'Must Watch' Pictures
    New Yorker Toughness
    Our Attachment to Automobiles
    Palmetto Bugs
    Press 1 for English
    Reflections of our Personality
    A Visit to the Cemetery
    What inspires us?
    When Swing was King
    Why I Hate Computers
    Yard Sales

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