BRYCE'S CRASH COURSE IN MANAGEMENT is a free on-line multimedia presentation on the basic principles of effective management as explained by Tim Bryce, the Managing Director of M. Bryce & Associates (MBA). The presentation offers pragmatic advice on how to discharge the duties of a manager, whether it be for a commercial or non-profit enterprise. Frankly, for someone aspiring to be a manager or for a new manager, it will be the best 45 minutes you can invest in yourself.


    • Assuming Responsibility
    • Know the Business
    • Run your Department like a Business
    • Your Three Prime Duties:
      1. Leadership
      2. Environment
      3. Produce/Deliver
    • The Manager's Personal Development
    • Conclusion

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    Hosted by Tim Bryce
    Managing Director of MBA
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    The following is a summary of the lessons inculcated in the course:

    Management = Responsibility

    Know the business. Think in terms of "360 Degrees."

    Run your department like a business.

    As manager you have three prime duties to perform: Provide Leadership, Establish the proper working Environment, and Produce/Deliver your products or services.

    The manager's word should be considered his bond.

    A true manager is a person of integrity.

    Beware of your chief firefighters, they are probably your chief arsonists as well.

    Control your destiny. Be proactive as opposed to reactive.

    Our physical surroundings affect our attitudes towards our work.

    Culture is learned.

    Insist on standard terminology; thereby avoiding a "Tower of Babel" effect.

    Once a standard is established, enforce it. There is little point in enacting a change if nobody is going to enforce it.

    Changing the corporate culture is no easy task.

    Be wary of creating a subculture at odds with the overall corporate culture.

    The manager should be smart enough to stay a couple of steps ahead of the staff and constantly revising project plans so that micromanagement is not necessary.

    Management is most definitely NOT a democracy, it is a dictatorship, be it autocratic or benevolent. How much freedom the workers are allowed is based on what the manager allows.

    Being a manager means that you are not in the popularity business.

    Manage from the bottom-up, not just top-down. Empower people and hold them accountable for their actions.

    Effectiveness Rate = (Direct Time + Indirect Time) / 100

    The worker is responsible for managing their Direct Time, and the manager is responsible for controlling Indirect Time.

    Teamwork can accomplish far more than individual effort.

    Productivity = Effectiveness X Efficiency

    If there is anything constant in life, it is change.

    Whether the implementation of change is large or small, recognize that people will resist it until it becomes a natural part of the corporate culture. As creatures of habit, humans have a natural aversion to change, even if it is for their own good.

    The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.

    Even if you have the best plans and environment, if you fail to deliver your products or services, you have failed as a manager.

    If you are convinced of a specific course of action, do not procrastinate, act. An opportunity rarely presents itself twice.

    You should never lose sight of the fact that you work for, with, and get things done through people.

    Keeping people at a level of incompetence is a disservice not only to the company, but to the worker as well.

    If corporate politics turn ugly or viscous, be prepared to either turn the other cheek or be prepared to fight back.

    The only good business relationship is where both parties benefit.

    Keep the lines of communications open.

    Create "Win-Win" situations.

    Image is nice but lacks credibility if you cannot produce.


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