Tim graduated from Ohio University in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications (BSC) from OU's College of Communications, School of Communication Studies (formerly School of Interpersonal Communications). Upon graduation, he joined M&JB full time and served in a variety of capacities, including both sales and consulting. As Director, his responsibilities include product development, implementation, training and on-going support of all MBA customers on a worldwide basis. Because of this, he has traveled extensively providing training and consulting services at various levels of computer proficiency (novice to expert) on a variety of management and computer related subjects.

    An avid writer and speaker, Tim discusses everything from business and management, to politics and morality, to systems and technology, and our ever changing world. In addition to his columns, you can listen to Tim on the radio at:

    Tim is the principal author of M&JB's "PRIDE"-Enterprise Engineering Methodology (EEM) and the designer of the Computer Aided Planning (CAP) tool (a tool for calculating corporate priorities and performing an organization analysis) and Automated Systems Engineering (ASE), a tool used to generate system designs through inference. He was also the principal author of the company's Automated Instructional Materials (AIM).

    Mr. Bryce's areas of specialty includes:

    • Enterprise Engineering - for defining the mission and goals of the business and the development of an Enterprise Information Strategy synchronized with the business.

    • Information Systems Engineering - for designing and building enterprise-wide information systems (business processes crossing organizational boundaries). Systems Engineering is considered a precursor to Software Engineering.

    • Data Base Engineering - to design and develop the corporate data base, both logically and physically.

    • Project Management - to plan, estimate, schedule, report and control projects.

    • Methodologies - standard project work breakdown structures representing best practices for developing quality products.

    • Repositories - for cataloging and controlling information resources thereby providing a vehicle to share and reuse such resources.

    Tim's largest systems project, where he served as lead Systems Engineer and Project Manager, was a massive project including twelve business processes, 73 programs, 560 modules, 295 files (with an integrated DBMS), and over 1.5 million lines of COBOL, C, and Assembler code.

    A prolific writer, Tim has considerable experience in writing technical documentation (paper and on-line), help text, and web design. He has authored several articles on a variety of computer and management related subjects and was the co-author of the book, The IRM Revolution: Blueprint for the 21st Century (ISBN 0-9621189-0-7), and penned the "PRIDE" Methodologies for IRM eBook (ISBN: 0-9786182-0-3). More recently, he published THE BRYCE IS RIGHT! Empowering Managers in today's Corporate Culture (ISBN: 0-9786182-3-8) and Stand Up for MORALITY, (ISBN: 0-9786182-8-9) which is a frank and open discussion about morality in American society and how is should be taught.

    His latest book is a four volume series entitled, “Bryce’s Uncommon Sense Series” and includes:





    Mr. Bryce is a regular contributor to THE HUFFINGTON POST where he writes about business, management, technology, politics, and our ever changing world. He also regularly maintains a blog entitled The Bryce is Right! which is read by thousands of people worldwide. He also maintains the "PRIDE" Special Subjects Bulletins, a library of papers discussing various issues pertaining to management and IRM. In addition, he has over 40 years of experience in writing and producing industry newsletters. He has also made several presentations at computer trade related meetings and has given lectures at various universities. Tim also actively participates in various trade related associations and user groups, as well as community organizations.

    Read Tim's columns in:

    Dr. Rich Swier
    Vocal/The Swamp
    The Patch
    The Huffington Post
    News Talk Florida
    Florida Politics

    In addition to his writings, Tim actively participates in a variety of podcasts and is a frequent radio guest on a variety of topics.

    Tim is available to give presentations on a variety of topics, click HERE to contact him.

    Tim's articles have appeared in:

      DATALINK (U.K.)
      OS/2 MONTHLY
      PC WORLD

    Tim has made speeches/presentations at:

      ACM Chapter Meetings
      American Management Association (AMA)
      ASM Chapter Meetings
      Barnett Data Systems Conferences
      Center of Academics for Business Administration and Management (CABAM)
      Data Administration Users Group (DAUG)
      Data Processing Management Association (DPMA) Chapter Meetings (now AITP)
      Dunedin Council of Organizations
      Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) District Meeting
      IDMS User Meeting
      International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)
      - South Florida Chapter
      - West Central Florida Chapter
      Masonic organizations:
      - Clearwater Lodge No. 127 F.& A.M.
      - Dayton Masonic Center
      - DeSoto Lodge No. 105 F.& A.M.
      - Dunedin Lodge No. 192 F.& A.M.
      - Seattle Masons
      - Star Lodge No. 78 F.& A.M.
      - Sutherland Lodge No. 174 F.& A.M.
      OS/2 World Conference
      Political organizations
      - Belleair Women's Republican Club
      - North Pinellas Republican Club
      - North Suncoast Republican Club
      - Republican Club of Largo
      - Republican Liberty Caucus of Tampa Bay
      - Sunrise Leadership Republican Club, Clearwater
      - Tampa Bay Trump Club
      PRIDE Users' Associations
      - Australia
      - Japan
      - North America
      Sarasota-Manatee Human Resources Association
      Tampa Bay Area CASE Users Group
      Tampa Bay OS/2 Users' Group
      - Purdue University
      - University of South Florida
      - University of Tampa
      - Xavier University

    Tim is available to lecture on the following subjects:

      10 Tips for Improving Social Intercourse
      A Short History of Systems Development
      American Scene
      Changes: Why we resist, and the effects due to Technology
      Craftsmanship: the Meaning of Life
      Creating a Skills Inventory
      Creating an Information Factory
      Creating Universal Systems
      Defining Information Requirements
      Diagnosing System Problems & Testing
      Enterprise Engineering
      How well are we preparing the Next Generation?
      Information Resource Management (IRM)
      Information Systems Engineering
      Intellectual Property and I.T.
      Managing from the Bottom-Up
      Morality - why it is deteriorating and what can be done about it.
      Parenting Management
      Project Management (Planning, Estimating, Scheduling, Reporting, Control)
      Requirements Definition
      System Design
      System Training Tips
      Technical Writing
      The Art of Persuasion
      The Bryce is Right! Empowering Managers in Today's Corporate Culture (a crash course in management)
      Understanding Corporate Culture
      Writing for People

    Tim has conducted training/consulting services in:

      Hong Kong
      Saudi Arabia
      South Korea
      United Kingdom
      United States







    "On the 'Town Square' we count on 'The Bryce is Right!' for timely and accurate Political, Social, Business and Humorous commentary three days a week. Our listeners depend on Tim's wit and wisdom and he always delivers from beautiful Palm Harbor Florida. Talk Radio listeners have many choices, none better than Tim Bryce."

    -John Siggins.
    WJTN (News Talk 1240)
    "The Town Square"

    "I just wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how amazing your work has been for us at News Talk Florida. Each article is more compelling than the next and I must say it is a true joy to have you as part of our team!"

    -Jim Williams
    Managing Editor at News Talk Florida

    "Tim has some amazing insights into so many things - he's a very bright guy with a sense of humor too!"

    - Carol Van Drie
    Lansing, MI, USA

    "A couple of months ago, I clicked on a hot article by Tim Bryce. I liked what I read so I went to his site to read more and I am so glad that I did. Tim is one of those folks I call a "sleeper". He is here but he just goes quietly about his craft not necessarily seeking or needing anything from anyone. He is one of those people that you just instantly like. Judging from the way he writes, I really believe that he has the ability to bring some order and understanding into just about any state of chaos. He can attack most any subject and take it from a new perspective. It will always be interesting. He can be very objective and fair but I suspect that he can tell it like it is when he wants to do that. He writes in a way that just inspires. He slowly takes things apart and puts them back together right before your eyes. When he finishes with a subject, you really understand it or you really understand how you feel about it. He still believes in those things that made America great, work ethic, honor, duty, your word, consideration for your fellowman. When you read his work, you will believe in those things as well. Tim can get any subject down to the reader's level and get the intimidation out of it for the reader. He does that by creating an empathy with his reader and he does it well. Just reading his work has created a lot of reader awareness in me for my writing. If you have doubts, go to his site and read the piece on cigars. You will see. If I were directing a hostage crisis or mediating a labor contract, I would want Tim Bryce with me. I'd win too!"

    - Wayne Brown
    Arlington, TX, USA

    "The Blog description is so right. You might not always agree with Tim but he always makes you stop and think, and I mean universally. Even being from Finland, the topics are so relevant that it is a pleasure to ponder them."

    - Timo Kettunen

    "We engaged Tim to bring the PRIDE methodology to Atlantic Electric. The methodology, along with an estimating system we developed locally, allowed us to bring in projects on time, on or under budget, and within 3% = - on labor estimates. If I sound like a bigot in favor of using development methodologies I am. The methodology was so flexible that it allowed us to model our process for new tools and different development languages."

    - Michael Barnes
    Assistant Director Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid at UNC
    Wilmington, NC

    "Mr. Bryce's presentation to our group of South Florida Business Analysts took place at Carnival Cruise Lines offices in Q1/ 06. Per my request to him, he responded in the affirmative with professional grace and flexibility per format/content. His presentation was engaging, highly intellectual, with clear focus and, in short, rewarding for all attendees. Mr. Bryce is extremely knowledgeable, well published, possesses a large idea-base and is very generous in sharing, and discussing, his life-work, including overseas-work anecdotes, with other professionals regardless of their seniority or level of experience."

    - Robert Goldman
    Technical Business Analyst at Citigroup
    Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area
    Director, South Florida Business Analysis Group

    "Tim has deep skills in project management and Information Technology. With his three decades of experience in consulting with the "PRIDE" family of IT management tools, around the world, he understands the IT industry issues with a truely global perspective. Tim is also very experienced in corporate communications and technical marketing, providing effective leadership in that area during the time that we worked together at M&JB. Tim is a great guy to work with, and a real team player."

    - Oliver Hagerman
    Systems Integrator at Sun Microsystems
    Cincinnati, OH

    "While at Elizabeth Arden I had the pleasure to work closely with Tim on the implementation of the "PRIDE" methodology on a global basis within the Arden IT organization. Tim proved to be a subject matter expert on "PRIDE" and on the architecture required within an organization to support it. Since then Tim and I have continued to collaberate on IT initatives and issues of the day. Tim is highly articulate, intelligent, entraprenaurial, and a state of the art IT professional."

    - Michael B. Snyder
    I.T. Consultant
    Sarasota, FL

    "Early in my career at Atlantic Electric we purchased a project management methodology and a system development methodology from Tim's company, M. Bryce & Associates. I found Tim to be more than just a vendor selling a product. I viewed Tim as more of a mentor and coach with respect to project management and system development. His products always seemed like just a means to the end. Tim's mentoring and coaching helped me grow professionally more than any class I have ever taken. And you can take it from me, even to this day; Bryce's Laws are spot on."

    - Tom Pietropola
    Business Architect at EMC/Technical Solutions
    Boston, MA

    "I find Tim's blogs insightful and thought provoking. Whether you agree or disagree, they make you think."

    - Tom Pietropola
    Hopkinton, Massachusetts

    "Tim Bryce - rants on - and I often recoil from the tone but often there's some uncluttered truth being written out loud."

    - Sarah Farrugia
    London, UK

    "Tim has the conviction and passion that transforms his dedication to information technology management into a piece of art. I highly recommend his free articles, essays, bulletins, methodologies, and podcasts (which are in clear English terms) to any information technology professional who could find them on-line."

    - Fernando Doylet Auson
    Programmer at The School Board of Broward County
    Miami, FL

    "Tim's writing can be inciteful as when he speaks of the virtues that people work towards. Tim does not shy away from 'poking-the-bear' as when death-by-committee has the appearance of being 'well thought out plans,' as when the socialization of hard-earned assets becomes a welfare gravy train."

    - Tom Mcclintock
    Norwood, Massachusetts

    "Refreshing, new points of view are Tim's hallmark. Keep it up!"

    - Doug Connell
    Charlottesville, Virginia

    "I am so pleased and proud to endorse your "Common Sense" Series, Tim. It was a joy to experience your brilliant thinking and creative writing talents."

    - Joan Schoenling
    Palm Harbor, FL

    "Liberal Kryptonite (book) is a collection of essays that are serious, but they're also humorous; it's a good read.
    It's an entertaining read; I think you'll really enjoy it. (Tim) covers a lot of topics in a way that is easy to understand and fun to read."

    - Joy Tiz
    "The Joy Tiz Show"
    KSON-FM (97.3), San Diego, CA

    "You should be very proud. You did so much, more than most people, to make this election possible. The I-4 corridor is always in the news, and you were right in the middle of it, sending out the club mailings, writing for The Huffington Post and keeping everyone’s hopes up. Your signature 'Keep the Faith' was always there. This should be the memory of a life time. You were a big part of the most exciting and important election in 40 years. You fought the good fight, just as Donald Trump did. You refused to be beaten down. I salute you.

    - Larry Marlin
    North Pinellas Republican Club, FL

    (Regarding the 2016 Presidential Election) - "Jim Downes (President of the North Pinellas Republican Club) said some very nice things about you at the Christmas party. He said you kept him optimistic about the election of Trump. He was a doubter and you helped elevate his thoughts about the possibility of a Trump victory. I have to concur. I did not doubt, however, but certainly needed support. Thank you for all your research and steadfastness is keeping us in line."

    - Pam McAloon
    Secretary, Pinellas Country Republican Executive Committee

    "Tim is unquestionably a team leader in all that he does, and is able to manage multiple projects with an efficiency that's second to none. His no-nonsense, to-the-point approach and friendly demeanor produces amazing results, repeatedly. I have every confidence in recommending Tim to any project or endeavor."

    - Joseph Duhamel
    Tampa, FL

    "And by the way, has anyone told him what an excellent contributor he is to our club, and to the city of Palm Harbor. His articles are awesome, as well as his commentaries."

    - Jackie Matiyak
    Palm Harbor, FL


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    as of: January 22, 2015

    Tim has also served on numerous Board of Directors of industry, non-profit, and fraternal organizations, as founder, President, and a variety of other capacities. He is also an active Freemason.

    For more information on Mr. Bryce, see his interview from the Spring of 2006.

    Tim can be contacted at:

    3181 Harvest Moon Drive
    Palm Harbor, FL 34683
    United States
    Tel: 727/871-6115
    E-Mail: timb1557@gmail.com
    WWW: http://www.phmainstreet.com/mba/

BSC Ohio University
ASM's Journal of Systems Management
Certified Systems Professional, Charter Member


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