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Essays celebrating life as we grow older.

A great reading companion for seniors.
It will make them laugh, think, and bring back many memories.
As such, it is a GREAT GIFT IDEA.

by Tim Bryce
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May 2019


TIM BRYCE is an author, freelance writer and management consultant living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. He has written several books and numerous articles on management, technology, politics, and our ever changing world. His columns are read worldwide and his radio segments are played throughout the United States. As a management consultant, he has lectured and worked with companies of all sizes and shapes around the world. His blog, "The Bryce is Right!," can be found at:

Published by:
Copyright © 2019 by Tim Bryce
Paperback, PDF & eBook (Kindle) formats
ISBN: 9781095194751
348 pages (paperback)
Cover Illustration by C.F. Payne

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    This is a celebration of the human spirit as we age. It is filled with observations of the foibles of life we must all experience, sooner or later. It addresses those items we tend to overlook or take for granted, such as dogs, drugs, doctors, and our perspective on life. There are both humorous and serious essays on history, nostalgia, athletics, and the nuances of life that make it worth living. This book is a great reading companion for seniors. It will make them laugh, think, and bring back many memories. As such, it is a GREAT GIFT IDEA.



    It's cool to be a senior. You really do not appreciate it until you reach your sixties when your offspring are grown up and in the work force. People look at you differently, thinking you are past your prime and should be retired. It's kind of like, "Okay Old Man, sit in the corner, eat your cookie, and we'll take it from here."

    I have a problem with this as I still have a few dances left on my card.

    Young people do not believe you can keep up with the pace of today, that you possess knowledge from a bygone era that is no longer applicable. It disturbs them greatly when you demonstrate you know how to use their technology, not just as well but better than they do. The young people also think you dress funny, especially when you wear a suit and tie, and that you cannot comprehend the jargon, entertainment, or customs of today. The fact you have no tattoos, body piercings, facial hair and groom yourself carefully drives them bananas. They are particularly mystified when you say or do something politically incorrect and it doesn't seem to bother you.

    What oldsters lack in the customs, vernacular and technology of the day, they make up for in chutzpah, guile, and bravado. Their values may be different than the youngsters, but their experiences make them resourceful and a fountain of information. Even better, they have developed a sense of humor laced with wisdom.

    We also tend to believe as we grow older, and our children start their adult lives, that everything will settle down and we can begin to enjoy life. Hardly. We have done nothing more than traded one set of problems for another. Instead of worrying about our kids, we start to worry about our parents and ourselves.

    Thanks to technology, life has become more complicated, causing us to gravitate to simpler pleasures and we have become nostalgic for the past. You also come to the realization that common sense is no longer common, nor common courtesy, at least as it was taught to you years ago. You hate to see young people make the same mistakes you made earlier in life and even though you try to warn them, they are doomed to repeat them.

    As such, I believe seniors will enjoy this book immensely as it is a celebration of being a senior with all the foibles included.

    About this Book

    I have been writing essays, books and technical manuals for the last forty years. By profession, I am a consultant specializing in the area of Information Resource Management (IRM) which many people have a hard time grasping, even those in the industry. For simplicity, let's just call it the computer industry instead.

    Over time, I branched out from management and technology topics to such things as politics, religion, morality, history, and our changing world, and have been published in newspapers and magazines around the world. More recently, I am frequently asked to be interviewed on the radio. I write and talk about the things we tend to overlook or take for granted. I am cursed to always ask, "Why?", and look for the humorous side of life in the process.

    In the past, I have written books and articles aimed at young people, managers, technicians, and parents, but I recently noticed I have developed a set of followers who were seniors. So much so, I decided to publish something specifically tailored to their interests. I'm not here to pick a political fight or speak harshly of others. There has been plenty of that already. I just wanted to put something together seniors will find humorous, thought provoking and something they can relate to. If you chuckle and say, "Oh yea, I remember doing that," or "Wow, isn't that true," then I have accomplished my mission.

    What follows is a compilation of essays I have written from 2006-2019 regarding the human condition, particularly as it applies to seniors.

    There are seven sections in the book:

    1. AGING - An introduction to the nuances of growing old.

    2. A LITTLE SILLY - Some humorous observations about being a senior.

    3. HISTORY LESSONS - Why we must study the past.

    4. NOSTALGIA - Taking a ride in the way-back machine.

    5. THE NUANCES OF LIFE - Time to stop and smell the roses.

    6. ATHLETICS - Observations on sports and the great outdoors.


    A big tip of the hat goes out to my old friend C.F. Payne for the wonderful cover illustration. I have known C.F. for over 50 years now. We have waded many streams together while fly-fishing.

    And for those of you interested, Yes, I am available for lectures and to conduct interviews. Just contact me through my web page at:

    One final note; The date each column was first published is shown below the title. You'll also notice I close each column with the expression "Keep the Faith!" which is an expression I have used for a number of years. Basically, I'm admonishing the reader that regardless of what is happening in this incomprehensible world of ours, to just "Hang in there," or simply, "Keep the Faith!"

    - Tim Bryce
    Palm Harbor, Florida





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    KURV-AM (710) (May 11, 2019) interview with Zack Cantu in Brownsville, Texas (length 14:34).

    WTSP-TV (10, CBS) (May 16, 2019) interview "Great Day Live" with Kendall Kirkham in St. Petersburg, Florida (length 3:45).

    WFLA-AM (970) (May 21, 2019) interview with Jack Harris in Tampa, Florida (length 3:43).

    WTAN-AM (1340) (June 3, 2019) on the "Kelly Kelly Show" Tan Talk Radio in Clearwater, Florida (length 21:02).

    Palm Harbor Patch (June 7, 2019) by D'Ann Lawrence White, Editor.