M&JB Investment Company (M&JB) is an international management consulting firm located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. In addition to the company's Internet services, M&JB develops and markets products and services aimed at Information Resource Management (IRM). The company's "PRIDE" product line includes methodologies, techniques and tools, which are used worldwide in every field of endeavor imaginable.

    M&JB was originally founded in 1971 as "M. Bryce & Associates (MBA)" in Cincinnati, Ohio by the officers of the company. In 1985, M&JB relocated its headquarters to Palm Harbor, Florida. M&JB's Federal Tax ID Number is 59-2935410

    Since 1971, M&JB has never failed to meet a customer implementation commitment, regardless of the customer's geographical location or training requirements.


Milt Bryce
(1925 - 2005)
Tim Bryce
Managing Director
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Kazuya Matsudaira
PRIDE Japan, Inc.

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