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    Our paper of August 21, 2006, "How Effective Were You Today?", was very popular. Basically, it questioned how productivity is measured in today's corporate culture. The feedback was so overwhelmingly popular that we are making our "MBA Daily Productivity Analyzer" available here. This is a simple calculator aimed at reinforcing the concept that there is more to productivity than just efficiency.

    To read the paper, either see it as posted in the ITtoolbox or download it as a PDF File.

    Tim Bryce, the Managing Director of MBA and author of the paper, is available to lecture on this subject. For information, Mr. Bryce can be contacted at

    The following analyzer works under MS Internet Explorer only. However, if desired, you can obtain a copy of the analyzer as an MS Excel file or as a Lotus 123 file.

    Productivity = Effectiveness X Efficiency

    Okay, you believe you had a great day at work today; that you accomplished a lot. And maybe you did. Then again, maybe you didn't do as much as you might think. A lot of people believe just because they are a model of efficiency, they are being highly productive. But were you working on the right things? Use the form below to calculate your overall productivity rate.

    First - Enter your estimate of your efficiency using the following list as a guide

    • 1.00 - I was a dynamo today - worked fast - no errors
    • 0.75 - I did more than my share - not too many mistakes
    • 0.50 - I did my fair share - average number of mistakes
    • 0.25 - I was below average - some mistakes
    • 0.00 - Had a bad day - too many mistakes - a lot of time lost

    Enter your estimate of your efficiency



    Enter the total hours in this work day



    Enter the total non-productive hours in this work day
    e.g., meetings, training, reading, email, telephone, Internet, breaks, etc.



    Next, enter the amount of time spent on your top five priorities (whether it be on multiple projects or within a single project).
    As an example, 1.50 = one and a half hours.


    Task Priority           Hours Multiplier Effectiveness
    PRIORITY #1 1.0 0.000
    PRIORITY #2 0.9 0.000
    PRIORITY #3 0.8 0.000
    PRIORITY #4 0.7 0.000
    PRIORITY #5 0.6 0.000
    TOTAL 0.0 0.000

    Your Productivity =

    NOTE: A score of 1.00 represents 100% productive.


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